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Application Process

Application Checklist & Forms

  • Print the Application Checklist and follow the application instructions carefully.
  • Include the Checklist with your application.
  • Open the XLS Application and type in your information.
  • Save the XLS application worksheet as a .pdf and print it for submission.

Description of Scholarship

Since 1938, hundreds of Easton students have been aided in pursuit of their educations, through scholarships from the Staples Free School Fund.


Scholarships are available to students who are Easton residents and attending an accredited undergraduate college, community college, or university. A minimum of five years of residency in Easton is required. As our mission is undergraduate education, no graduate school applications can be considered.


Amounts of scholarships vary according to the number of qualified applicants in any given year and the income earned by the fund. The scholarship assistance is granted for a year at a time, and the students may reapply on an annual basis.


One half of the scholarship is a grant and does not need to be repaid. The other half is payable within 7 years from the date of the scholarship award, interest-free. Repayment enables other students to receive future scholarships. 

Letter from the Chairman Regarding Scholarship

January 2, 2024

Re: Scholarship Application

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to the Staples Free School Fund!  We look forward to working with you.  Because of the large demand for scholarship aid resulting from increasing educational costs, the Trustees of Staples Free School Fund request all applicants to note the following two items:

1) We request that no application be made if your taxable family income exceeds $110,000 per year and you have only one student attending college.  This maximum income is raised to $135,000 per year when two or more students in the same family are attending college in the same year.  As our mission is undergraduate education, no graduate school applications can be considered.

2) Any family whose combined taxable income exceeds the above maximums but whose finances are strained by extraordinary circumstances (e.g., chronic illness, support of relatives) may submit an application, noting all pertinent facts, for the Trustees' consideration.

Two additional points which we would like to emphasize regarding your application form are tuition verification and parent/student signatures.

  • As our by-laws require us to grant scholarship aid on the basis of tuition and fees only, it is essential that this item be reported accurately with official verification from the college.

  • Please note that Staples Free School Fund requires that both parents and students sign the application. Once awarded, parents and students also sign the Scholarship and Award Agreement and a Promissory Note. Thereby, both parents and students assume responsibility for the repayment of one half of the scholarship as stated in the agreement and help assure that the fund will continue for future students.

All application forms must be completed and returned to Carolann Vassallo, Foundation Manager, at the address shown on the application checklist, no later than Friday, May 10, 2024. Checks will be made payable to the college or university but mailed to the scholarship recipient in July and November.  Best of luck to all of you on your continued success.

Sincerely yours,


Seth Cooper

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