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Anne H. Lindquist

Community Service Scholarship

Continuing Her Legacy 

The Anne Lindquist Community Service Scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Staples Free School Board of Trustees to a Staples Free School Scholar whose community service activities reflect the amazing spirit of Anne H. Lindquist. The scholarship is for $500 in addition to the student's Staples Free School award. If you wish to apply, please submit a one page, typed essay entitled "Continuing Her Legacy." Please provide details regarding your community service activities and explain the values that make community service a big part of your life.  


A scholar may receive this scholarship only one time, but non-recipients are encouraged to apply more than once, especially if they are continuing community service activities during college.

Anne and her husband, Bob (photo above), have long been recognized for their humanitarian efforts. All through her long battle with cancer, Anne maintained her devotion to community service. Friends recall that she made phone calls to help organize church events, despite being in a hospital bed receiving chemotherapy. When asked why she didn't wait to get home from the hospital to make the calls, she would reply, "I want to get it done today because I know tomorrow I'll probably have a bad day.”


Anne's love of community was apparent throughout her life. At The Covenant Church of Easton, she served on the church council for six years (most as chair). She co-chaired the Service Ministry, which connects members of the congregation with opportunities for community service through organizations such as Alpha Community Services, Habitat for Humanity and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. Anne also worked with the Covenant Church's denominational body on the national level, where she became deeply involved in fostering a new program that promotes reconciliation between races from a grassroots, community level. 


Anne was the founder of Alpha Home of Bridgeport, renamed Alpha Community Services (ACS), a branch of the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA. This non-profit agency continues to provide services and shelter to families and individuals striving for self-sufficiency. ACS’s mission is to address the needs of this vulnerable population through a continuum of care including emergency shelters, the Jean Wallace transitional housing program, permanent affordable housing, and the Jessica Tandy Residence which addresses the needs of homeless families also dealing with the effects of HIV/AIDS. Anne served as Executive Director during the merger with the YMCA and as the Board Chair for many years. She continued to serve on the Board of Directors until the time of her death. 


When the Easton Public Library, Town Hall and Police Department were built, Anne served as the chair of the building committee. She was on the library board, where she served as president for two years and was a member of the Friends of the Easton Public Library. She was thrilled to see the high volume of use enjoyed by both the library and its community room. Anne also spent several years serving on the Board of First Baptist Housing of Bridgeport, which provides low income housing in the city. She was a Girl Scout leader in Easton for many years and continued to be active with the Housatonic Girl Scout Council. Concerned with education, she worked with the PTA, the American Field Service, and as a member of the Staples Free School Board.


When Anne was instrumental in laying the foundations for the works mentioned above, she was always most pleased when other people would pick up the torch, continuing to develop those organizations in new directions. Her life's work was bringing people together, regardless of socioeconomic background, race or religion, creating space for them to be in dialogue with each other. The roots of Anne's lifelong commitment to issues of social justice and racial understandings go back to the early 1960s. As a member of Up With People she traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States, and the experiences she had during that time affected her profoundly. 


An avid gardener, Anne loved working in her rock gardens at the home she and Bob built. She was a wonderful wife, mother, sister and friend. Her memory will live on in the hearts of all who knew her and were touched by her kindness, courage and spirit. 

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